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Varrock is the capital of the massive kingdom of Misthalin, and as such serves as a major travel hub for merchants, artisans, diplomats, adventurers, and militants. Stretching from the border of the Wilderness to the quiet farmlands of southern Misthalin, Varrock is the largest and most populous city in the known world. The city is seen by many as the leading economic, technological, political, cultural, and military force in Gielinor. Varrock has seen strides in nearly every aspect of life, and today is one of the busiest and most important cities in the known world. Indeed, the city is often one of the first destinations for new players, and it is here that they truly begin to learn the ways of the world. Varrock is viewed by many, including, it would seem, Jagex themselves, as the capitol of Gielinor. Read more…

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